Athlete of the Month

I talk a lot about coach-ability. That is HUGE in my book. Two other qualities I very much value are self awareness and work ethic. Many people use their limitations as excuses. Hence, why you will hear me say, “DON’T tell me what you CAN’T do…SHOW me what you CAN do!” Others recognize their challenges, have the humility to face them head on, and put in the extra work required to overcome them.

Josh is one of those guys who exemplifies the latter. After a bit of a hiatus from CrossFit, Josh struggled with some mobility challenges. Shortly after beginning his training with us, he re-aggravated a prior injury that set him back even more. Regardless, Josh comes back consistently every morning and works hard.

One of the great things about Josh is he has no ego to deal with. Some guys get offended and lack patience when you take weight away from them because their mobility inhibits them from moving a weight with good position. I have seen Josh in tough positions with an empty barbell fighting for mere millimeters to improve his mechanics, without complaining. I love that he’s not looking for the shortcut approach. Longevity is everything.

Josh is always full of humor and laughter, even at 5:30 in the morning! Josh is also one of the few people who stays behind after class to work on extra skills things to accelerate his progress. It’s that work ethic that makes him worthy of this month’s recognition.

Please join me in recognizing and honoring CrossFit Zoetic’s Athlete of the Month: Josh Goodson

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