Athlete of the Month

Please join me in recognizing our Athlete of the Month: Abby Benson
Abby has been such a joy to have at our gym. She is smart, witty, loves sports and men (but not in that order) and is usually the only one who laughs at my jokes. Abby joined us suffering from a condition that doesn’t allow her lungs to fully inflate and limits her from being able to go “fast”, but that doesn’t keep her from coming into the gym, sometimes twice a day. She doesn’t make excuses. She does what she can, and sometimes more.
Have I mention resilient and determined? Abby saw great benefits by completing and “winning” our most recent nutrition challenge. The challenge helped her tremendously with not only her clothes fitting better but feeling better and having more energy. Last month Abby was able to get her first double-under and then work up to 6 unbroken with a lot of practice and great patience! 
Abby’s perceived limits are often nowhere near her actual capacity. While I am known to be quick to take away weight or intensity than to give it, Abby is often on the receiving end of “Ok good, now do more”… It’s actually a little comical to see her puzzled expression and unspoken “Are you serious?” look on her face when I give her something to do for which she doesn’t think herself ready.
Abby has grown a lot in the short time she’s been with us and she hasn’t nearly tapped her potential. I’m very proud of the consistency and effort she puts forth every time she comes. I’m looking forward to even more victories in the coming year. #gainz