Athlete of the Month

Whitney Reed is the quintessential model student. She is very consistent, is always working hard to get better, and is very coachable. She always comes to class with a great attitude, never (well, rarely) complains, and trusts the process. It’s been awesome seeing her make slow and steady gains in the short time she’s been with us.

Clean and Jerks both are common challenges for people new to these exercises. I remember the scene of one class session quite vividly in my head. “Don’t pull the bar up with your arms. Pull your body down and around the bar,” I would tell her. “You’re working harder than you need to. You can do it.” She nodded and went back to work. Whitney continued to struggle with the concept for a while but she never complained. She just kept practicing, laughing, smiling the whole time, never getting overly frustrated. She just kept plugging away with a good attitude. Thank you Whitney for always encouraging others around you!

CFZ Fam please join me in recognizing this months Athlete of the Month: Whitney Reed